Q: How quickly can I get my images?

A: I like to have edited images to you within one week, but turnaround time depends on a number of factors such as how many pieces you have, how complex the pieces are to shoot and edit, and the number of other projects in my queue. Projects are typically completed on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you need the images by a certain date, make sure I have the items in-hand with enough time to meet your deadline. Every day matters, so don't wait! You could get bumped to last in line!

Q: Do you accept credit cards? 

A: Not at this time. I do accept most other forms of payment such as PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash/Cash.me, Chase QuickPay, direct deposit or a paper check.

Q: Do you shoot pieces styled in a group?

A: Yes! We can talk about what pieces you want shot together and in what "environment" such as different colored backgrounds, other props or even if the look can be composed in Photoshop.

Q: Do you ever shoot jewelry on a model? 

A: Yes, I can produce a photoshoot with a model. These rates depend on the location, the model and the number of pieces you want photographed on the model. I can give you an estimate based on the half-day or full-day on request.

Q: What if I am not happy with the images?

A: I always make reasonable accommodations to edit or re-shoot your jewelry until you are satisfied. If there is a certain way you'd like your pieces styled or shot, let me know up front so I can do it right the first time. I encourage you to use the Shot List Form so you can begin to think about the angles or features you want to highlight.



Depending on my queue and amount of jewelry, most projects can be completed within one to two weeks upon delivery.

  1. Contact me - We'll discuss your needs and work out a cost that is appropriate for your business. Committing to professional photography is an investment but should not be cost prohibitive to the type of jewelry you are selling, so we'll come up with a plan that is right for you. 
  2. Download forms - Print out my Packing List and Shot List forms and fill out. This gives me the information I'll need to give you an accurate estimate. 
  3. Package your items - Package your items neatly and securely along with your filled out forms. I highly suggest insuring them in case anything gets lost in transit. Obtain tracking information and keep me informed of the expected delivery date. I can also accept hand deliveries to my Atlanta address.
  4. Your items arrive - When your package arrives I will make sure that everything is intact and that I receive the same number of items that you shipped out. If there are any damages or discrepancies I will inform you immediately.
  5. Project begins - I'll review the shot list and ask you if I need clarification on anything. You are more than welcome to add shots if necessary.
  6. Photos - I shoot with a Canon 5D MK IV using a 100mm macro lens in high resolution.
  7. Editing - All photos will be edited to remove minor flaws, however any major flaws may require additional retouching work. I will give you a quote at that time and proceed only after your approval if this is ever the case. Additionally, any re-shoots of a piece that is different than the original Shot List will be considered an additional image and billed at your quoted image cost.
  8. Proofs - You will receive watermarked proofs to ensure that the photos are satisfactory. I'm confident you'll love your images, but if you would like anything re-shot or re-edited you may request so at this time. 
  9. Payment - Send full payment (I accept most forms of payment including PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, Chase QuickPay or a paper check with your shipment). I will occasionally request a 50% deposit with larger projects. Note that all projects will include a $10-15 flat return-shipping fee depending on the size of the box.
  10. Receive images - You will get a WeTransfer link to download your images. This link will be available for 30 days.
  11. Items returned - I'll ship your items back to you and provide you with tracking information.


Have other questions? Shoot me an email and I'll get them answered. studio@jocelynnegronstudio.com